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Zephyrus and Mckay share some love

We want to teach you the language that horses use to communicate with each other so that your rides are free of frustration and fear.  We believe that you can ride in companionship without the use of punishment - to either you or your horse.  We believe that you are learning this sport as a way to get back in touch with who you REALLY are - free of judgement or ridicule, and away from the stress of your every day life. We believe that no matter how far you go with it - from brushing a horse to jumping a fence - You Are Successful.

 We believe that you don't need a show ribbon to prove your worth.  We believe that you don't need fancy riding attire to 'look the part'. We want celebrate with you when your ride is fantastic. We want you to say when you are scared, or frustrated, or just plain mad. We want to be the voice in your head when you are troubled.  We want to share the love and passion for this sport with you - even when it's not easy.    


We believe that there is no greater satisfaction than the contented sigh of a horse after a good ride.

We believe that riding is a fun hobby, a challenging sport, a glorious art form, and an all consuming passion.

We believe that we come together to teach each other and to help people overcome their fears.

Meet The Boss!

 Davee Hallinan has been riding horses since 1984 and teaching riding lessons in Los Angeles since 2000, and it is her one and only love.  She has instructed and lectured clients in private, semi-private and group lessons, and passes on safety, respect, humor and love of the animal to all students. Through her career, Davee has climbed the equine ladder from a working student to owner, trainer & instructor in the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center and at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. She has instructed Los Angeles City College and UCLA classes.  She has been a private trainer for respected families, and handled a 50+ student roster.  She has been involved with the British Horse Society, and has done everything from cleaning fifteen stalls a day to showing in the Santa Barbara Nationals. She is always willing to listen to your goals, ideas, fears and thoughts.  

Meet the Instructors!

Alison enjoys the beach with her horse

 Alison Dubois is a friend to all animals, but has a special affinity for horses.  Growing up on the east coast, she trained English pleasure and Hunters/Jumpers. Since moving to  California in 2011, she has schooled off-track Thoroughbreds for Hunters and Cross-Country, conditioned rescued Arabians for Endurance rides, and most recently, has competed in Endurance and Ride & Tie races across the West Coast. In each discipline and experience,  Alison prioritizes the well-being of the horse and safety of the rider. As a teacher, she emphasizes  patience and critical thinking, and strives to maintain positive experiences for all involved. 

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